From time to time, ITRISA is approached by client companies looking to employ its graduates.

Although ITRISA is not in the recruitment business, we are always happy to introduce (on a pro bono basis) students/graduates who are actively seeking positions in export import to those of our clients who have indicated that they have vacancies for ITRISA-qualified/partially-qualified individuals to fill certain trade-related positions in their establishments.

We currently have two companies looking to fill vacant export/import positions.

One is a small, Johannesburg-based trading company that has been involved in exports and cross trade for more than 26 years but recently has opened a local distribution arm that focuses on imports.  It is currently looking for trade administrators with initiative who will be fully involved in the A to Z of particular trade deals.  At a time when many big companies are retrenching staff, this small entity has not retrenched a single member of staff in its 26+ years of existence – in fact, its need is ongoing.

The other is from a textile manufacturing company based in the Western Cape which is looking at expanding its market beyond South Africa’s borders for the first time.  They are looking for ITRISA graduates to fill export sales positions.

If you are interested in either of these positions, send your cv to Lindie Dlodlo at and Lindie will pass it on to the ITRISA client concerned.  Note that we do not get in any way involved in the selection process and that these positions apply to ITRISA students/graduates only.

Remember that ITRISA offers a 50% discount on its short course fees to individuals who are currently registered on the Institute’s distance learning programme.  The short courses provide students with valuable face-to-face contact with an expert in the field, as well as exposure to the experiences of managers and administrators working in the import and export departments of other companies.

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