Our founders established the first structured trade training programme in southern Africa in the early 1980s. They developed an extensive range of short courses, ran large conferences in South Africa and abroad and conducted seminars on cutting edge international trade topics during their tenure with the South African Foreign Trade Organisation (SAFTO).

In 1987, they launched the first qualification in exports (2-year Certificate in Export Practice) in South Africa, followed by a 3-year Diploma in Export Management in 1989.

They fought for international recognition in the days of apartheid and not only did they achieve it but they became the architects of the global international trade training accreditation system which they have since steered through many subsequent stages of development.

When they established ITRISA in 1996, they recreated a 3-year, internationally-accredited, international trade qualification with export and import electives, drawing on all their experience and lessons learnt while developing and growing the education division of the national foreign trade organisation.

When accreditation of tertiary-level programmes and registration of higher education providers were introduced in South Africa at the turn of the last century, ITRISA was amongst the first to comply with the new requirements, and has remained in full compliance ever since.

We have been instrumental in the launch of other trade training initiatives in South Africa and abroad, e.g. at North-West University, in Canada and in New Zealand.

We operate to a large extent on referrals and repeat business, many of our graduates have become our clients.


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