Did you know that ITRISA’s 3-year, distance learning Diploma in International Trade Management programme provides access to the global IATTO ‘World Trade Professional’ designation, recognised across six continents as the professional designation for international trade practitioners?

Award of the designation confers on an individual the right to use the letters WTP after his or her name on cvs and business cards.

Apart from securing an IATTO-certified qualification, applicants for the WTP are required to have a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience, commit to a WTP Code of Ethics and take part in a Continuing Professional Development Programme.  The purpose of the latter is to ensure that all WTPs keep abreast of the continual changes in market conditions, and national regulations and international rules pertaining to global trade, that are taking place.

IATTO is the London-based, global standards body for international trade training and education providers.  Its members straddle six continents and include trade institutes (like ITRISA), government departments/agencies, large corporates, global bodies (such as the International Trade Centre, the World Customs Organisation and the International Chamber of Commerce), universities, colleges and specialist trade trainers.

Download ITRISA’s distance learning prospectus and the IATTO WTP brochure from the ITRISA website (https://itrisa.co.za/distance-learning-courses/) or email admin@itrisa.co.za.

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